Elite Island is a giant island that is home to the 4 Elite cities, [City 1], [City 2], [City 3], and [City 4]. It is just south of Metallum and the Champion Island and Battle Frontier are just south of this island.

Relic IslandEdit

Area Leader Image Dragon Level Element(s)
Relic Island (Elite Island) ? BrassTemplate Brass Dragon 10 MetalElement FireElement
GoldTemplate Gold Dragon 10 TreasureElement
ForgeTemplate Forge Dragon 10 FireElement MetalElement
SlagTemplate Scoria Dragon 10 EarthElement MetalElement

Sol IslandEdit

A bright island that gleams in the rays of the sun.

Area Leader Image Dragon Level Element(s)
Sol Island (Elite Island) ? Storm Dragon
Sun Dragon

Lunar IslandEdit

A mysterious island shrouded by dark clouds.

Superior IslandEdit

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