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Got a few questions about DragonMon? Well here's where you'll find some of the answers...

What is DragonMon?

DragonMon is a fanfiction series made by Pickle786 originally on DragonVale Wiki. DragonMon is a cross between Pokemon and DragonVale.

How many parts of DragonMon are there going to be?

The simple answer is: as many as it takes. DragonMon is an ongoing project, so at the current time, we can't be precise.

How often can we expect a new edition of DragonMon?

Pickle, our author, is often busy and does not always have access to a PC. We hope to be able to update it every 2 weeks, but the wiki will always be updated with news for you.

How can I get a part in DragonMon?

We have a few forums in which you can put your name down. There are forums for:

Just leave your name there and we will try to check as often as we can.

How can I help contribute?

There are many ways in which new users and regular visitors can contribute. On a wiki, there is always

something to do. Staff will be on the wiki daily at various times, and you can ask them for help. If you start contributing regularly, you will be noticed and awarded appropriately.

Please don't make pages with content that has not appeared in DragonMon yet. That is up to Pickle and the staff to do, not you.

Where can I find staff?

There will hopefully always be a member of staff around, either on here or on the DragonVale Wiki chat. The best way to communicate with staff is to either leave them a message or find them in a chat.

Please leave comments below with questions, and we will try to answer them!