Normal Element moves are moves that can be learned by any normal element dragon as well as hybrids.


Bite - The Dragon bites the opponent.
Tackle - The Dragon tackles the opponent.
Elemental Breath Normal - The Dragon breathes on the opponent with its element.
Guillotine - The Dragon grabs the opponent and knocks it out.
Dragon Dance - The Dragon dances, raising its attack and speed by 1 stage.
Dizzy Punch - The Dragon punches the opponent, making the opponent dizzy.


Elemental Breath Plant - The Dragon breathes plant-type breath on the opponent.
Growth - The Dragon grows, raising its attack by 1 stage.
Swagger - The Dragon gets all into the opponents face and raises the opponents attack and causes heavy confusion.
Leaf blade - The dragon slashes the opponent with its tail.
Leaf storm - The dragon blows a storm of sharp leaves at the opponent.


Earth Take Down - The Dragon tackles the opponent into the ground leaving it in a pile of dirt
Elemental Breath Earth - the Dragon breathes earth-type breath on the opponent.
Fissure - The Dragon opens a huge crack in the ground instantly knocking out the opponent if fallen in.
Shell Smash - The Dragon breaks its shell, raising its attack by 2 stages.
Hypnosis - The Dragon hypnotizes the opponent into falling asleep through sound waves.


Fire Fang - The Dragon bites the opponent, digging into its skin with its red, hot, flaming fangs.
Flare Charge - The Dragon charges up raging hot power and tackles the opponent.
Elemental Breath Fire - The Dragon breathes fire-type breath on the opponent.
Epic Burn - The Dragon summons white-hot fire from the ground surrounding the opponent closing in on it. It will automatically knock out the opponent.
Swords Dance - The Dragon dances like swords swinging, raising its attack and speed by 1 stage.
Will-o-Wisp - The dragon summons will-o-th'-wisps to attack the opponent, it will leave the opponent with a burn.


Ice Bite - The Dragon bites the opponent, digging into its skin with freezing, cold fangs
Ice Body - The Dragon tackles the opponent, leaving it either paralyzed or frozen
Elemental Breath Cold - The dragon breathes cold-type breath on the opponent.
Sheer Cold - The Dragon summons freezing weather, knocking out the opponent.
Acupressure - The Dragon beats its wings fast, raising its speed and evasiveness by 1 stage.
Powder Snow - The Dragon sprinkles snow over the opponent, leaving it frozen.


Thunder Fang - The Dragon bites the opponent, digging into its skin with its electrocuting fangs.
Elemental Breath Lightning - The Dragon breathes lightning-type breath on the opponent.
Thunder Burn - The Dragon shocks the opponent with hot, shocking lightning. The opponent will be knocked out if hit with this move.
Sharpen - The Dragon sharpens its eyesight, raising its evasiveness and speed by 1 stage.
Thunder Wave - The Dragon sends out shock waves, paralyzing the opponent if hit.


Elemental Breath Water - The Dragon breathes water-type breath on the opponent.
Coil - The Dragon coils up, raising its attack and speed by 2 stages.
Attract - The Dragon summons hearts to surround the opponent. It only works if the opponent is opposite gender.
water gun - The dragon shoots a jet of water at the opponent.
aqua jet - The dragon flies,runs,or swims at the opponent while encased in water. This move always goes first.
hydro pump - The dragon fires a high power water jet at the opponent.


Elemental Breath Air - The Dragon breathes air-type breath on the opponent.
Gust - the dragon beats its wing to create a powerful wind that deals damage to the opponent and possibly blowing it away.
Hurricane - The dragon creates a small but deadly hurricane and hurls it at the opponent.
Tailwind - The dragon raises its teams speed by 3 with a light wind.


Elemental Breath Metal - The Dragon breathes metal-type breath on the opponent.
Comet Punch - The dragon fires rapid fire punches and kicks(if the dragon doesn't have arms).
Metal Sound - The dragon rubs itself in a way that makes a harsh sound that lowers opponents special defense by 1 and raise its own defense by 1
Flash cannon - The dragon reflects light off itself and creates a beam on damaging light
Metal claw - The dragon uses it steel covered claws to slash the opponent. May also use leftover metal to raise attack by 2.