Basic Info Edit

Pickle is the main character in DragonMon and is a very adventurous Trainer who loves DragonMon. He is training to become the best DragonMon trainer in the world, and is currently on the route to Herba to battle his first gym leader Ryll Shados. He is traveling with two friends he met in the Aeternam Forest, the brothers Alpha and Omega. He has big dreams and even bigger challenges to face down the road.

Dragons Edit

This is a list of Pickle's Dragons:

He has a Plant dragon named Herba which is level 7.

  • Razor Leaf
  • Absorb

He has a Poison dragon named Venenum which is a level 6.

  • Venom
  • Razor Leaf
  • Flametrower

He has a Flower dragon named Flos which is a level 4.

  • ???

He has a Clover Dragon named Trofolium which is level 9

  • Body Slam
  • Luck
  • Absord

He has a Tree Dragon named Lignum which is level 4.

  • Tackle
  • Bite

He has a Moss Dragon named Musco that is level 4.

  • Defense Curl

Pickle's Gem BadgesEdit

Forest Badge

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