When you win against a city leader, you get a Badge, Coin template, Template:Treat, 5 Gem template and a Shrine. A Shrine allows dragons to go above Level 10.

Plant Shrine

Bronze Plant Shrine

"This wonderful shrine depicts the legendary Thornbark, guardian of the Great Plant Migration. It is said that Thornbark sensed the impending destruction of the forest by Team Phantom. That is why Thornbark led his kind on a great march across the plains to the Aeternam Forest, east of the Domum. Many believe that even modern plant dragons instantly recognize their ancient leader."
  — DM Description 

Earth Shrine

Bronze Earth Shrine

"Zector is a legendary earth dragon, renowned for his loyalty to man. The story goes that young Zector was rescued and raised by a wandering hermit in the desert. Zector became the hermit's guardian and companion. Any time the hermit went out into the desert to gather materials, Zector would wait by the hermit's cave until he returned. A time came when the hermit never returned, yet Zector remained steadfast. Even modern caravans will sometimes tell tales of a lone earth dragon standing by a small cave lost in the desert."
  — DM Description 

Fire Shrine

Bronze Fire Shrine

"The Unnamed Fire Dragon is a great mystery. Unfortunately, all records about the original artist's subject have been lost or destroyed. After examining the original Fire Dragon Statue in the magical archives, our Wizards uncovered an inscription leading them to the Great Dragon Shrines. It is said that when a great number of high level dragons gather in a single park, a transformation takes place; for the Shrine and for all of the dragons in the area influenced by its energy."
  — DM Description 

Cold Shrine

Bronze Cold Shrine

"This shrine honors Kimzar the White. Millennia ago, when the (Cold place) was in its infancy, invaders came down from the north to take over the young government. Kimzar tracked them from a distance and showed up at the Capital to warn them of the coming attack. Because of this great dragon, our civilization was given the chance to become what it has today. Looking on this shrine should warm the heart of even the most chilly cold dragon."
  — DM Description 

Lightning Shrine

Bronze Lightning Shrine

"It is said the ancient lightning dragon, Razzak, became overly territorial, descending from the highlands and claiming the villages below. It wasn't until a merchant fleet showed up accompanied by their air dragons that Razzak was convinced to let go of his claim to the Lowlands. He retreated back into the crystal mountains and there has been peace ever since. This shrine reminds all lightning dragons that there is no honor in being greedy with territory."
  — DM Description 

Water Shrine

Bronze Water Shrine

"This shrine is dedicated to the guardian of (Lake/Water Place). Ages ago, in the Time of Quakes, many tribes lived along the cliffs surrounding the magical waters and grew their crops along the cliffside. Many harvesters were shaken from the cliffs when the great quakes struck, but all were saved by a friendly water dragon, Kessi, and was delivered safely to shore. If you ever visit (Lake/Water Place), you may be suddenly dragged to shore by a 'helpful' water dragon. Even if you didn't need any help."
  — DM Description 

Air Shrine

Bronze Air Shrine

"Freecha the air dragon was friend to a merchant trader. She and her kin followed his fleet across the ocean, protecting them. On one voyage, they landed in the Lowlands and were immediately harassed by a territorial lightning dragon. Freecha's clan pushed the dragon back into the Highlands, restoring peace to the countryside. The merchant fleet went on their way soon after, but the bravery of Freecha was never forgotten among the people of (Air Place)."
  — Game Description 

Metal Shrine

Bronze Metal Shrine

"The mere visage of Slameg the Singer can hardly do justice to a dragon known better for the sounds he made than his physical appearance. As a friend to Morison the miner, Slameg helped search for rich mineral veins inside dark carverns, signaling what he found using his unique \"wub-wub\" cry and pounding out a rhythm with his tail. Over the years, Slameg's rhythms and voice were recreated by magical minstrels in a form of music dubbed Tailstep. If you listen closely, you may be able to hear Slameg's characteristic cry resonating from this magical statue."
  — Game Description