Team Phantom

Team Phantom is the team that always tries to steal and control dragons or give them to their boss, Ghastly. There are three Commanders in Team Phantom, each having their respective grunts. They are the rivals of Pickle, and he has to face them and stop their evil schemes throughout his journey...



Leader: Ghastly

Commanders: Tiger, Nyan, Destroyer

Grunts: Z-Jiger (Elite)


Ghastly's Dragons:Edit

  • Quicksilver (lv 10)
  • Chrome (lv 10)
  • Brass (lv 10)
  • Bone (lv 11)
  • Iron (lv 12)

Nyan's Dragons:Edit

  • Snow (lv 8)
  • Current (lv 8)
  • Ice (lv 8)
  • Bloom (lv 9)

Destroyer's Dragons:Edit

  • Frostfire (lv 8)
  • Dodo (lv 8)
  • Plasma (lv 8)
  • Copper (lv 9)

Tiger's Dragons:Edit

  • Lichen (lv 8)
  • Quake (lv 8)
  • Mountain (lv 8)
  • Malachite (lv 9)

Z-Jiger's Dragons:Edit

  • Sonic Dragon (Lv 9)
  • Phantom Dragon (lv 9)

Team Phantom MottoEdit

Prepare for double trouble!

And make that trouble double!

To infect the world with devestation,

To steal rare dragons from every nation,

To denounce the goodness, of truth and love,

To extend our wrath to the corners above,



Tiger, that's the name!

Team Phantom blast off haunting trainers all night,

Surrender to us now, cause we know how to fight, fight, fight!

That's right!