Chapter Two: Morning Sunshine

The warm climate of the lush green town made Fooey shiver with excitement. She looked at a dragonball, and opened it, to see a cute rainbow dragon baby inside. "Wow!" she said in awe. "This must be a mistake though, nobody gets the legendary rainbow dragon as a starter dragon!" she said thoughtfully. "Oh well" she muttered and let the rainbow dragon explore along a hiking path. "I'm going to name you Zero" she announced. The rainbow dragon smiled at the sound of his new name and was about to have his first battle. The weak fire dragon had no chance, and soon fainted. Fooey grinned and trained Zero for a bit longer. "Your a great Dragon, Zero"


"FOOEY! Get out of bed this instant young lady!" Hailey screamed. Fooey moaned and rose from her supposed-to-be-nice dream. "MOM! IM TRYING TO SLEEP HERE!" she yelled and covered her head with a soft, warm blanket. "Fooey, get out of bed. Your going to be late" her twin brother muttered impatiently as he grabbed his towel and rushed to his rooms bathroom. "Fine" she grumbled and got out of bed. Fooey shivered when she noticed it was snowing slightly. "But its summer... geez..." she murmured and walked into the hallway, into the bathroom and got ready to meet Dr. Earl.


Fooey scrambled against the rocky hill and almost slipped, but Froggie helped her up. Along the way they saw another kid about their age. "Isn't he the new kid?" Froggie whispered silently to his sister. "Yeah, I think so" Fooey whispered back. Froggie and Fooey kept on walking and arrived at the lab. "Mr. Earl, are you there?" Fooey said as she knocked the metal door. "Ow..." she grumbled. "Coming kids, one second.." Dr. Earl yelled as he finished cleaning the Dragonballs. "Come on in! Is the new child with you?" Fooey and Froggie entered the cold lab and shivered with an honest reply, "No". "Ah, well, too bad for him. You can choose any dragonball apart from the ones stocked on the right". Fooey shrugged as Froggie gave a confused look. Fooey looked at the dragonballs; there was green, blue and red. She picked the green one. Fooey threw it up into the air, and a plant dragon jumped out from the ball. "Cool! Im going to name you Flor". Froggie picked a red one, with heat radiating from it. He threw the ball into the air, and a baby fire dragon slipped out. "Im going to name you Ash". "Be careful with it" Dr. Earl said. "I will" Froggie grinned. "Well get your rest, your going to need it for the real adventure tomorrow" Dr. Earl smiled and opened the door. "Alright" and the two sibling ran home.



Why the water element?

Well, In pokemon, your choices are Water, Fire, and Grass.

..... Okay?

......... Okay then...