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    786 vs Khaos

    August 27, 2012 by Heat786™

    Pickle looked through the window of the DragINN at the Khaotic rule currently taking place over the Dragonvale Islands. The Dragonvale Islands were not what they used to be. Ever since Parliment was taken over by the Khaos gang, things had not been the same. The air was polluted, the sewage was filthy, but most peculiar of all, the dragons seemed to be in a depression. It was a very peculiar sight to see dragons in a melancholic state. The normally perky Plant Dragon was looking rather dreary in the past 2 years. Pickle knew this had to be stopped...but how?

    ~ ~ ~ ~

    Heat went to the Ye Olde Buffet like he did every morning before going to the Dragon Library to get a new book. He sat down next to a man at the bar of whom he had often seen aro…

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