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  • Jell222

    Ideas For Special Moves

    July 25, 2012 by Jell222

    I got the idea from Destroyerkhaos, about having special moves for each dragon. All these are Pokemon moves except for the ones with (Made up).

    Maybe the dragons can learn each move when they are the highest level.

    Plant: Frenzy Plant

    Earth: Earth Power

    Fire: Flare Blitz

    Cold: Blizzard

    Lightning: Lightning Strike

    Water: Hydro Cannon

    Air: Brave Bird

    Metal: Meteor Mash

    Tree: Leaf Tornado

    Flower: Petal Dance

    Lava: Eruption

    Moss: Poison Ivy (Made up)

    Poison: Venoshock

    Mountain: Avalanche

    Blue Fire: White Flame (Made up) / Blue Flare

    Frostfire: Glacial Burn (Made up)

    Lichen: Surf

    Evergreen: Magical Leaf

    Cactus: X-Scissor

    Firefly: Bug Buzz

    Scorch: Fire Blast

    Crystal: Power Gem

    Quake: Earthquake

    Storm: Thunder

    Ice: Ice Beam

    Iceberg: Icicle Crash

    Mud: Muddy Water

    Swamp: Hydro…

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