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  • Pokèdragon

    These are the battle moves that I think should be in DragonMon. Each dragon has a special move and each element have 12 moves and Rare Dragons have 10 moves. Also, there are normal moves which every dragon can learn.

    • Bite (The user bites the opponent. Deals little damage)
    • Hyper Fang (The user charges and bites the opponent. Deals some damage)
    • Tackle (The user tackles into the opponent. This attack is simple and does not have much effect)
    • Giga Impact (The user charges and slams into the opponent. A very strong attack but hurts the user too)
    • Guillotine (A tearing attack against the opponent. If this attack hits, it is an automatic K.O.)
    • Hyper Beam (A powerful beam. Deals many damge. The user must recharge after the attack)
    • Pledge (A blast of light.…

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